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line for the mountaineers. >> craig: it will be first and goal, 8 yard line. play action. geno smith up top. got it! stedman bailey! bitancurt on the field for the p.a.t. down the middle. it all began with tavon austin. austin's night continues. do you ever wish we had ipads... to practice math more? i love math! but two ipads means two data plans? that's crazy. maybe not. with at&t mobile share, adding an ipad is just $10 a month. but honestly, mom and dad's love is all i really need. we should keep these for us. we should keep these. what?! [ male announcer ] at&t mobile share. add an ipad for just $10 a month. one plan. up to 10 devices. at&t. rethink possible. [ birds chirping ] are you sure you can fit in there? [ chuckles ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] around view monitor with bird's-eye view. nice work. [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new nissan pathfinder. it's our most innovative pathfinder ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ nissan. innovation that excites. go now for olive garden's new dinner today, dinner tomorrow. choose one of five entrÉes tonight for just $12
the atlanta falcons. kron 4 scott has more on quarterback alex smith who suffer add concussion in the game. >> well, fans and players out here at candle stick park really hoping that alex smith's concussion is not bad and that he can return to the field for it next week's contest. jim speaking in a press conference today says that he was happy with the production of capper nick. >> this was one of two different hits that might have cost quarterback alex smith to come out of today's game afterway through the second quarter with a concussion. smith scrambling to the sidelines just before turning his back takes a big hit from rams line backer joe dunn bar. that was in the first quarter then this in the second quarter on a fourth and one qb sneak he puts his head down and runs right into the pile there. doctors also say that that hit krouf contribute today his concussion. now, fans out here are hoping that alex can bounce back and even though today's game ended up in a tie they say they forgot backup. >> feel sorry for him. i hope he's okay, but cappernick got to step up. >> since he has a con
mistress had apparently been going on for months and as emily smith reports some members of congress are upset that they were not alerted sooner. >> mie i don't go fer paw la broad well wrote the book about retired general david patrais. >> i think the values he upholds and trys to instill in his organizations are valuable and worth pointing out. >> but the back story led to the cia director's down fall. >> the affair started approximately two months after he was in the cia and ended about four months. >> told the director of national intelligence about the affair with broadwell on election day. some members of congress questioned the timing as the fbi had been investigating longer. health majority leader spokesman say it is congressman learned of the fbi involvement in october. the investigation stemmed from patrais family-friend jewel kelly who told the fbi she received e-mails she viewed as threat sxng jealous. it was tracked to paw la broadwell. patrais was never the investigation's target. there is another timing matter. patrais was scheduled to testify before congress this week
by the city of oakland and based on successful program developed by the city of boston. smith recovering from a sharp blow to the head during a game yesterday. the question, when will he be cleared to play? he took one, or two, good shots. >> yes. there is a question which was the blow that knocked him out. it doesn't matter at this point. because they're moving forward. smith chekdb## out today. there are protocols to protect players and smith will have to pass a battery of tests. smith hurt yesterday, he told head coach that he was experiencing blurry vision this, is a play in which we thought he got hurt. smith was hoping blurry vision would clear up, but it didn't. in an effort to protect players from returning too quickly nfl put in new rules 3 an independent neurologyist. the doctors will test smith, comparing results to a base line test done in the off season. to you, assuming alex passes that, he can go back to nonfootball activities. stuff like lifting weights and running. then, noncontact football drilgs thchl afternoon, 49ers head coach talked about smith's status. >> doing much be
in the politics was governor l. smith who had twisted his arm to run for governor he didn't really want to run that year he wanted to go back and work on getting his legs to move again after his paralysis from polio but smith prevailed and roosevelt came back and smith narrowly lost new york and the election. roosevelt nearly one come so once he became governor, smith thought this is a dilettante. he's not going to be able to handle this. he can go back in the exercise and continue to run the appointees and roosevelt right away said that's not how he intended to operate as governor and he fired owls met's talk temmins including robert moses and immediate let it be known he intended to run to the state of new york as himself. there were several other locations were politicians including herbert hoover looked on roosevelt as a sort of light weight. his nickname in college was feather duster roosevelt, and that image was white bantering purchase things and people just didn't think fetus wasn't strong enough to become the candidate for president. he became a very successful governor of new york an
to change the way campaigns are covered and run for that matter. i'm joined by ben smith of, a popular site that aims to change the face of political reporting. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> a hugely impactful figure on twitter as well. here we are, we have come through really the first social media election of our time. >> absolutely. >> what did that mean? >> what i think it meant was there was a political conversation that used to happen on the bus, in tv studios and started to happen in blogs around 2008 and if you wanted somebody to see you attacked him, you would e-mail it to him to respond. this cycle what happened, there was a centralized stream on twitter, all of these things being said were being said in this very direct way and people saying them to each other and previously outside could jump into the conversation. >> it's a level of interactivity in political dialogue became bigger than anything the traditional media could do on its own. you had traditional media doing its thing and people real time talking back and then talking to each other
smith. a month ago the redskins got a scare as rg3 was con cussed. sore ribs today, and got x- rays, and negative. smacked in the face by greg hardy. benefit with a roughing passing call. but these hits add up. he was sacked four times in the game. panthers credited with nine hits, which in all reality, more than that. in fact, even into the game's waning minutes, griffin was putting his body on the line, diving into ferocious panther hits, hoping his never say die approach to the game inspires his teammates. >> guys see that, see their quarterback putting it on the line every single play, makes them want to put it on the line every play. it's more about, you know, inspiring guys to go out and no matter what the score is, no matter what the down and distance is, we can make it happen, because we're the ones out there. i'm fine. i'll be ready to go. nobody will crush the fight i have in myself to be the greatest. doesn't matter what it is. i'll make sure that i continue to help my team win games. >>> redskins defense nothing to brag about. credit to them for a better job at least def
the quarter...but joe flacco brings the ravens back! a 19 yard catch nd run by &ptorrey smith for the go head touchdown..they add a justin tucker field goal and take a harr fought 25-15 victory. &p3 3 3 3 the ravens now hold a one game the ravens now the raaens now hold a one game lead over the 3 steelers in the a-f-c north. and it sounds nice to say the raaens are in first place... but is that all that reelly mat? matters? joel d. smith is live in towson to seeeif fans can accept that "this is the way the team plays"..... good morning joelld. (ad lib) when can we dominate a team? team? dommnateea team? team? when can we (aa lib) when can we dommnate aateam? team? p it looked that way at first... ray rice... anything but fancy!!! ray rrce we've never ray rice we've never bben fancy, we've never been a prrtty kind of team. we always ffnd ourselvessat the top at the end./ 4900 joe: deal wiih it. it's how well frussration, go backkout there and picc yourself up? up? the rrvens next ccme home to take the ravens next the ravens next come home to take on the raiiers... then
: it will be first and goal, 8 yard line. play action. geno smith up top. got it! stedman bailey! bitancurt on the field for the p.a.t. down the middle. it all began with tavon austin. austin's night continues. do you ever wish we had ipads... to practice math more? i love math! but two ipads means two data plans? that's crazy. maybe not. with at&t mobile share, adding an ipad is just $10 a month. but honestly, mom and dad's love is all i really need. we should keep these for us. we should keep these. what?! [ male announcer ] at&t mobile share. add an ipad for just $10 a month. one plan. up to 10 devices. at&t. rethink possible. [ birds chirping ] are you sure you can fit in there? [ chuckles ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] around view monitor with bird's-eye view. nice work. [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new nissan pathfinder. it's our most innovative pathfinder ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ nissan. innovation that excites. go now for olive garden's new dinner today, dinner tomorrow. choose one of five entrÉes tonight for just $12.95. then take home a different entrÉe
's news involving alex smith's concussion status and who will start this sunday against the giants. will it be smith or colin capernick? that will be after the break. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >> alex smith, colin kaepernick, a quarterback controversy especially now that alex smith is healthy again, or appears to be. grant lotus on the 9ers drama and you said a few minutes ago, the 49ers are happy to have very good players at the q- backs. >> they wish they were in this position. you had a decision to make and it certainly looks like at this point the young guy, colin kaepernick is going to get the starting nod against the saints in new orleans. according to sports illustrated, coach reportedly told both players of his decision yesterday, the same day he publicly would not name a starter and still not publicly. meanwhile, espn said alex smith has medically been cleared to play. however, greg roman said th
. but first, off eight by week forty- niners quarterback alex smith suffers a concussion we have the latest on the injury that took cam out of the game. >> fans and players at candlestick park are hoping that alex smith is able to return to the field of next week. jim harbaugh spoke in a press conference that he was happy with the production. this was one of two different hits that could have cost alex smith. halfway out of the second quarter. that could have caused-alex smith. -he took a big hit from the other team. and this, from the second quarter. a queuand he runs right into the pile and they also say that that could have contributed to his current concussion. fans are hoping that alex can bounce back. even though it is tied. >> i feel sorry for him i hope that he is okay. but cabinet. >> since the has a concussion i hope that he will be going better. >> he has to step up and play the game like knows that he can. >> i hope the gets better, assumed. it runs the next game for the 49ers will against the chicago bears. reporting at candlestick park, kron 4. >> team coverage continues with
saying that. >> this is where alex smith still was playing in the game until sided with a concussion. >> doing much better, he had a good night sleep. and the symptoms were positive >> as far as next monday verses the chicago bears? >> as far as when alex smith. >> before the the forty- niners quarterback can do that he has to offer:the concussion protocol at this point he must be examined by independent neurologist. and if he can pass that, he can have a non-contact practice and then going through a contact-practice before he can play on monday night. >> we will let it play out and there is a progression and devaluations that have to be gone through. before we really know anything. haazig madyun >> let us take a closer look at the bat hit. nearly everybody who thought that a concussion was causing. what jim harbaugh said this is what caused the blurred vision. first let us take a closer look that the cat. right here. smith got popped added that it -- that hit.. and the coalition in the slow motion halt his head went sideways and down. he did stay in the game and the second play this
laid another egg and the niners lost alex smith in the second quarter with a concussion so co ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! >> mike: 489ers hosting the rams. the rams seem refreshed. the 49ers complacent. on top of this alex smith left in the second quarter with a concussion. nice moment, fans saying thank you to veterans. alex smith takes off and instead of sliding feet first, he goes head first and gets leveled by dunbar. smith suffered a concussion but bounced right back up and kept playing. in fact he took them on a 78-yard drive, capped off with this touchdown. but smith would then leave the game. colin kaepernick took over. fourth q
on the raiders? that was a shocker. you will not believe the end of the ram game. plus, alex smith, going down. we will tell you what happened next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, field goals added to just a bizare day between the 49erd rams at candlestick park to. the fly over was the only tg ooked in sync to >>> an injured quarterback, add to a bizarre day between the 49ers and the rams. late 1st quarter, rams up 7-0. up the gut. rams scored on the first two drives. going 14-0. and they it got worse. smith is forced to run here. goes into a slide and it is hit hard in the back of the head. surprisingly, smith stayed in the game but he did not stay for long. 2nd quarter now. smith fines grabtree, a beautiful move. he scores on a 14-yard play. 14-7. but, after the drive, smith, you got a concussion and his day is done. so, he replaces him. 4th quarter. he gets to the outside. and he scores an 8 yard run. 49ers are down 17-14. the coming of age as a young quarterback. there goes frank gore. they lead. you figure this defense holds the rams, right? no. sam bradford finds austin with 2 yards scored. with 1:01
disappeared. we have christie smith live with more on the ceremony and some of the closure that could be just days away. christie, good morning. >> reporter: her mom, sharon murch said this will be a low-key event. about 50 people showed up to remember the 9-year-old who disappeared 24 years ago last seen near this tree. the family is waiting on test results. today, murch tied a ribbon around the tree in the parking lot where she disappeared. this ceremony happens every year. over a month ago, new developments. a bone fragment belonging to a child was found in a well out in stockton after the family believes their daughter was killed by the speed freak killers. it turned out other bones were mixed in. murch is waiting to see if one of the bones might be long to michaela. >> i wonder if this is the last year we do this. although, i think that probably regardless of the results of the testing of that fragment, i'll probably still be here every year because i do this to remember michaela. >> reporter: michaela's brother sang a song for her this morning. there was a delay in testing that bone fra
advisory board? >> yes. >> reporter: so, sheriff smith has called for some government accountability. he's a san jose businessman, with a financial resume showing more than $10 million owed to the federal government, the state of california, and dozens of bay area business partners. now, many are calling for even more accountability. >> i could have stayed home today. but i want to do -- excuse me. i want to do my part to make sure he's brought to justice. >> somebody's got to do something. >> he doesn't deserve to be out in the streets. >> reporter: we have learned the california department of corporations and the department of motor vehicles have turned over their files to the san jose district attorney. on the phone, he says he does not want to comment on our current investigation. we do intend to talk with him about all the missing money before the next bankruptcy hearing. >> tony, thank you. some of our best stories come from our tip line. we have our information right here. if you have a tip for tony or our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail di
for niners. >> there is no issue, it is clear, he is the man. smith had its time, gave his best shot, but can't hang. >> fans say he showed poised. >> he is having an amazing start, but his longevity shows. >> smith hasn't been forgotten. they say it is less about his performance and the concussion and more about their new quarterback rising. >> i want a quarterback who can hold to down for the san francisco 49ers. >> it is just a matter of who gives the team the best chance to win. >> i am big on the niners winning. >> he through for a touchdown and ran one in. in san francisco, cron four news. >> we will have more from the game later on. >>> low clouds and fogs, and this is as a live view from a the bay bridge. and quarter mile visibility. other areas like fairfield at a quarter mile and into san rosa so it is setting in and we will see it for most of the night. clouds in the morning but giving way to sunshine by mid-morning and mostly sunny for the rest of the day. for tuesday, it will be a transition day, fair to stormy weather. wednesday we have a rain storm coming in for the morning and
through mmry. maryland. joel d. smith is tracking bge's efforts in in mount washington. good ve morning joel d. 3 we're here at grespring now let's look at bel air. a with 16 ttousanddcustomers without power. it'' day two on the job.... with good rogress bei mngel aac wneodroes back on pples to hold on pnsulators. weecaught up their elddrly mother. the family is keeping warm inside generator. outside, where bal w - ng wood to fu - (mr. ccomwell/without pooer) "i didn't ttink it was going to be as bad as it was. it seems like that storm, that eye was just.. we were in thh center of at eye.. and we caught it. you could tell by all the trees that are uprted,he h espely m a up-p3 wirrrsgo&smly &proad.. crrww say residents there shoull be back in the light.. soon. here work ccews are expeeted o come ack around 8:00 this morning. the new crewwstarts at 6:00am, before starting day 4 of g, --3 lit... ann half isn't.take a s look at ttis picture... you cannsee the entire part of buttjust overrthe williamsburg tite 2lioprer neighbors have sthoowwh some forms of publ
that was supposed to feature two of the top ranked defenses in the nfl, the 49ers without alex smith, jumped all over the bears, winning 32-7. back up quarterback was terrific out dueling jason campbell. 243 yards, 2 touchdowns, while the 49ers rolled. coming up, gary will have highlights and more on the question, will he start next week over alex myth -- smith. >>> a 65-year-old woman kidnapped sexually assaulted, left by the road, the suspect only 14 and today we are getting our first look at him. still photos were allowed in court today. he made his first court appearance. they will try hip as an adult because -- try him as an adult. he approached the woman, kidnapped, sexually assaulted her, she was left on the side of the road and found hours later. the suspect was caught when he went back to the crime scene. >> terisa estacio reports. >> reporter: he seemed relaxed as he stood by his attorney during the hearing. the judge allowed still photos to be taken. when asked how to pronounce his name he spoke up quickly and confidently. when bail was announced he smiled. and then looked down to hid
, column kaepernick started in place cap alex smith. and victory. phillipe djegal spoke with whether or not a quarterback controversy is brewing. >> will be the san francisco 49ers starting quarterback going forward? alex smith, colin kaepernick. >> right now, it looks like the irish sports but in san francisco have a clear favorite. >> kaepernick came through and got the job done. >> and he more or less outplayed. >> despite being up double digits fans were intense watching the end of the new orleans saints and 49ers king. with difficult defense, the 49ers pulled out a victory no. 8. >> you kind of look like alex smith. >> i know but there has to be more than ridiculously good looking like touchdowns. >> is there a controversy? when there is no controversy, kaepernick is the man. alex smith has had his time but he cannot hang. >> kaepernick was all smiles. and so were fans they say that kaepernick showed poise. >> alex had a difficult start kaepernick is having an amazing spostart but it is longevity. >> this year, alex smith has completed 7% of his passes with 13 touchdowns. 70% --
to pay for your coffee at starbucks. >> coming up later, alex smith no matter what you hear he is not happy about the way things are turning out. and also, the recess not been caught yet only suspended. getting into the coach's face, telling you, later gabe slate tech report >> t mobile wallet is the future the mobile wallet. the banks want it, the cellphone retailers and it cellphone carriers want it and they are enticing and promoting retailers to carry it. a simple way for mobile payments starbucks is a great place to start. plenty of the locations with a small purchase squrare... is a mobile application that is a free download. and once you provide your credit-card number with your mobile a application information, you can scan your phone. it will scan the bar code by the register in the digital receipt will be deducted from your credit card. that is it. quick, easy, no cash. in other news, i am going to give away high end headphones valued at over $300. these are noise cancellation had phones. and they provide a comfortable listening environment with height and ambient noi
quarter... but joe fllaco brings the ravens backk a 19 yard catch and run by torrey smith forrthe go ahead touchdown.. they add a justin tucker field goal and ttke a hhrd fought 25-15 victory. 3 -3 3 the ravens now hold a one game 33 a-f-c north. 3 ow the ravens miiht be 6-2 - and still in first place... but the way they did it has many fans worried about the future. 3 joel . smith is live in ttwson to gge he pplse of the fans... and that pulseerate was getting pretty high there in the fourtt quarter joel d. 3 3 hey guus... this is 3 the official way 3 that head coach john harbaugh says the team layed.... eh eh... most would agree... let's look at why... 3 3 (first td) ray rice... browns field goal 3 6 traight 3 and outs... torrey smith... 3 witt the ravens you get a -3 little bit oo everything.... 3 harbaugh -3 3 the ravens next 3 come home to take 3 on tte raiders... come home to take on the raiders... thhn in 2 weeks itssa showdown with pittsburgh. 3 live n towson, joel d. smith, fox 45 3 morning nnwss 3 3 coming
of mormonism's founder, joseph smith, in 1834 as he led congregants of the church across the rocky mountains and established settlements in utah. this is just over an hour. >> to begin with, may i suggest that we do a round of applause for those people who have sponsored this? it's so much work, and we should appreciate them. prison -- [applause] today we are fortunate to have with us john turner. he teaches religious studies at george mason university in virginia, and his history that we are discussing today is a very important contribution. i'm impressed. and it's hard to impress me. you taught history for 34 times at the university of utah. his first book, bill bright and campus crusade for christ's renewal, the renewal of evangelical in postwar america, it was a prize-winning book. he's a graduate of notre dame. they'll be in our minds today with football. [laughter] he is from new york state, upstate as they call it. not really very far from where brigham young worked and not far from pal my rah -- palmyra. well, his insight and balance we'll talk about later on in the program. the othe
keep his seat in congress. state representative-elect derrick smith says he's excited about returning to work in springfield. smith was re-elected tuesday.. despite his indictment on bribery charges, and his expulsion from the illinois house. wgn's nancy loo joins us live with more on the story. nancy? >> the newly reelected state senator would not say much about the federal indictment against him. derek smith plans to keep fighting. he says he looks forward to returning to the state house that impeached him just a few months ago. derek smith did not seem concerned about being the first house member to be impeached in over 100 years. he is apparently feeling vindicated after winning reelection. he has pleaded not guilty to federal bribery charges have been appalled by the way the democratic party has treated derek smith. either we believe in democracy or we do not. either you are innocent until proven guilty or you're not. henderson claims smith will be acquitted. he will not discuss the defense. despite the indictment and impeachment there's nothing to prevent smith from being swor
. again. . joel d. smith is agn washinnton yearr aaer, mount and now a full would rrbuild. promissd they fames were even 3 3 3 3 3 before the flames were even out.... the owners promised they would rebuild.. and now a full year later,,mount washington tavern is open aggin. again. . joel d. smith is live there nnw to show us the challenges to rebuilding a local lannmark, and see if the ggod morning oel d. d. 3 3 this morning... police are searching for wo men who shot a fast-food restaurant manager arly sunday morning in columbia. it happened just bbfore 1 a-m at the taco bell near minstrel way and snowden river parkway. the managgr was ccnfronted by two en outside the tore.they flownnto shock trauma where he's listed n critical conditiin. police don't know the motive for the shooting. a dozen employees at thh baltimooe department of their jobs... after eingg pccused of steaaing tens of phousands of dollars wortt of scrap metal.the inspectorr general detailed the released says that the workers took neaaly 60- cable frommthe city and b-g--. according to thh report
game against the rams. alex smith knocked out with a con tugs, and david akers does something he doesn' corrosion >> ama: one man's hobby has paid off. while rummaging through magazines he found thousands of dollars but he is not claiming the cash yet. >> they say one man's trash is another man's trucks and if used magazines and books are your thing, one man has plenty of temperatures. he is a immigrant, a modest hap diman who collects magazines to make art. >> help me with my english. learn to read. >> this collection came from the wellesley dump. he goes about twice a week and just last month he stumbled upon an old book stuffed to the brim with tens of thousands of dollars. >> when i open this and saw the money and i close the book and run to the car. >> he asked us not to say how much exactly but it's somewhere between 20 and 30,000. money that is no longer at his house. >> i look if i can see maybe in the book someone put their names in the front page. you know. >> but so far it's been one dead end after another. >> i was quite surprised. >> he doesn't want us to show his face or
day at candlestick. the fly over was the only thing that looked right. alex smith, forced to run, goes into a slide. hit hard, in the back of the head and goes down with a concussion on it this play, actually, stays in the game. smith finds crabtree, nice move, scores on a 14 yard touchdown pass to make it 14-7. but, dave smith is done for the day. replacing smith in the 4th quarter. he gets to the outside and scores on an 8 yard run. 49er down 17-14. fumbling the kick off. gore goes right and scores. they take the 21-17 lead now. can the defense hold? no. bradford, a 2-yard score. you have a minute left in the game. the rams retake the lead. but n field goal now, acres 32 yards down. oh. we go to over time. the first drive, this wins it, 41. and the game continues. the rams next drive. the rookie kicker. a 58 yarder for the win. and he misses. neither offense could score in overtime and the game ends on a 24-24 tie. the first time in the nfl since 2008. the 49erss are now 6-2 and 1. >>> -- 49ers are now 6-2&1. this is a football team spiraling out of control. linebacker, lewis, out fo
without power. cbs reporter on why that is not the worst of the story for some. ann smith return the for the first time today. she flooded two weeks ago, waiting through the knee-deep water. >> when you look around this room, what goes through your mind? >> the effort. i never saw anything like it. >> reporter: and much of brooklyn's neighborhood looks as though sandy hit two days ago. 2/3 of the working class homes here were damaged or destroyed. like all her neighbors, still had no power, no heat. the 76-year-old was stunned by what the fema instructors are giving her to cover all repairs. $1,700. >> but $1,700 isn't even close to what they need? >> no. i have lived here all my life. it is ridiculous. how could $1,700 fix this? >> reporter: the scale of the recovery has brought 64,000 utility crews from as far away as california and canada. >> it is probably more damage than i have ever seen. >> a supervisor was a part of the wave of the utility workers flown in by the military to restore power. and in many areas, crews have to go house to house, inspecting the fuse boxes and t
. the crash involved a chp patrol car and it is tying up traffic near the embarcadero exit. christie smith has been on the scene all morning long. she joins us with the latest on the investigation. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a horrible violent accident. the chp accident investigation team is on scene. we have two lanes of 101 shutdown this morning. one person is dead. a 24-year-old woman riding in the suv with her family this morning. there is debris on the roadway, including bags. the car lost a tire and that is where officers are telling us the suv started to roll. it started at 6:45 this morning with a work truck that was pulled over on the shoulder northbound 101 at the embarcadero exit. the driver trying to fix a flat tire on the truck. a chp officer in a patrol car comes up to help. they exchange words and the offic officer pulls over into front of the truck. then the gold suv lexus hit the rear of the patrol car and flipped several times. two people were ejected, including the 24-year-old, this is a family from san bruno. >> a family of six, mother and fa
. we are also joined by the fda and commissioner smith and the massachusetts department of public health. i am interested in learning whether they think this could have been prevented and whether their agency stopped it. they have a history of conducting bipartisan oversight and this is no exception. it is my hope that this hearing will serve as an opportunity to determine the reasons why such a history of this does not repeat itself. with that, i headed over to german joe barton. >> thank you. i think my time has expired. to okay. >> okay, four minutes. to thank you very much, mr. chairman. i do appreciate you taking the time to have this hearing on the day we returned from the recess. this is such an important public health issue, and we are acting in a bipartisan way. i am also glad about that. the contaminated steroid injections by the new england compounding company have caused 438 cases of fungal meningitis, spanning 19 states. thirty-two people have died. i'm afraid that number could continue to climb. we have for witnesses four witnesses to help us examine how this could h
quarterback alex smith to a concussion. a helmet to helmet hit in the back of the head. he was scrambling to the sidelines and got nailed by joelyn dunbar. smith left for the locker room just before halftime. fans are hoping he will be back to the game soon. >> i hope he bit gets better quickly so much of the venture for him. --and cheer for him. >> both the rams and the san francisco 49ers have chances to win the game in overtime. both teams were let down by their kickers. david acres are going slightly to the left missing the upright. later in the overtime. greg zerlin kicked a 53 yds. it was good however the rams were penalized for the lay of game and put them back at the 58 yd attempt. it goes like to the right. fans not happy about the outcome. >> this is america we do not tie. this is not soccer what are we doing here let's play another quarter. >> (cheers and applause) i don't understand why we cannot play another quarter. >> i liked his reaction this is a miracle we do not die. the san francisco 49 as host the bears' next week on monday night football. >> across the nation you con
with no suspect of what he could look like. contra costa county, kron 4 j. r. stone. >> alex smith is recovering from a concussion this evening. he had to be pulled from yesterday's game haazig madyun on the injury. >> i do not want him out there with blurred vision. >> blurred vision that is what alex smith suffered after being tackled sunday versus the st. louis rams coach jim harbaugh says that he was suffering from a concussion. >> then is when we brought in a doctor, immediately. >> not quite immediately as alex smith still stayed in the game >> yes he is doing better he has a good night's sleep. and his symptoms were positive. >> as for the positive starter a >> it all depends really on when alex is cleared to come back to practice. >> before the forty-niners can do that he has to undergo the concussion protocol. fit is a four-day process that can only begin once san comes of the concussions subside. he must be examined by an independent neurologist. if he passes that, he can participate in a non-contact practice with his team. then has to get through a contact practice session. >> there w
every night but i'll miss you. disappointed and dejebingtd with good reason. smith talks with good reason. smith talks about the move with his >> coming up tonight at 11:00. problems across the bay high winds move in and heavy rain expected overnight. we have live team coverage. >> plus the company making money off breast cancer but critic say it's really just fooling people into thinking it will help fate the disease. those stories and more for you coming at 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. sports direct tr larry here with all the sports. you will talk about alec smit smith. >> weird situation with the warriors. general manager been myers apologiesed tonight for really what has turned in a controversy over andrew injured ankle. he had surgery in the spring. not a minor clean up as the team described it. marries says he was not trying to mislead the fans who are now really from us stated because he's on the shelf. tonight the warriors hosting denver. curry and lee. lack at them. warriors came out on fire. thompson up and in. up early. lawson knifing to the hoop. might have
vision was blurred. >> alex smith is recovering from a concussion. he left the game in the sec quarter. we will show you what happened. >>> good evening. in heyward tonight, family and friends gathered to share their grief over the kill canning of a 19-year-old man. they are angry, as well, though, claiming that police aren't doing enough to find the killer. ernesto was reported missing and found dead last week. monty francis is joining us from heyward where a candle light vigil was held a couple of hours ago. >> reporter: good evening. the most pressing question is who would want to kill 19-year-old ernesto and why? you can see that people have left candles here at the abandoned building where he was found dead and the family is demanding answers and justice. >> use this time to be there for his family. >> reporter: about 150 people gathered an abandoned auto shop in heyward tobt tonight where the body of ernesto was found last tuesday. his father reportedly the 19-year-old missing on november 1st. his family spent several days searching for him across the bay area. >> we thought so m
's going to be the 49ers starting quarterback next week against st. louis. collin kaepernick or alex smith in coach harbaugh refused to say in today's news conference. amber lee is live and tells us what fans are saying. >> reporter: we're at american bull sports bar, a popular gathering spot for 49er fans tonight they weighed in on the quarterback controversy. it's monday night football but tonight's game wasn't much of a draw for these 49er fans. but they enjoy hanging out with other like minded people who have a passion for the niners. >> we want to win games and head coach i think is doing a great job. mideast -- he's got two good arms. >> reporter: the two pairs of good arms are adding up to a quarterback controversy. coach harbaugh started kaeprenick for the second game in a row instead of alex smith after he suffered a concussion. >> i'm really becoming fond of kaepernick because he's helping us out. >> i like smith, i say run smith. >> i am fond of montana. >> reporter: aging joe montana was replaced by steve young. this time many fans tell us their loyalty is neither for smith no
quarterback next week against st. louis. collin kaepernick or alex smith in coach harbaugh refused to say in today's news conference. amber lee is live and tells us what fans are saying. >> reporter: we're at american bull sports bar, a popular gathering spot for 49er fans tonight they weighed in on the quarterback controversy. it's monday night football but tonight's game wasn't much of a draw for these 49er fans. but they enjoy hanging out with other like minded people who have a passion for the niners. >> we want to win games and head coach i think is doing a great job. mideast -- he's got two good arms. >> reporter: the two pairs of good arms are adding up to a quarterback controversy. coach harbaugh started kaeprenick for the second game in a row instead of alex smith after he suffered a concussion. >> i'm really becoming fond of kaepernick because he's helping us out. >> i like smith, i say run smith. >> i am fond of montana. >> reporter: aging joe montana was replaced by steve young. this time many fans tell us their loyalty is neither for smith nor kaepernick. >> jim harbaugh is
. matt cain was driven by alex smith. lincecum was pretty much unhittable out of the bullpen. people just trying to find a seat anywhere. hunter pence will endear himself to the fans by throwing his sweater into the crowd. sergio romo had an interesting shirt. zito was snapping photos for posterity. buster posey and his wife, pablo sandoval with his world series mvp trophy. and the parade ended in front of city hall where the mayor kicked things off. >> and this is -- the broom to the city! [ cheering and applause ] >> the first ever! yes! congratulations on sweeping the world series championship! [ cheering and applause ] >> all you fans with your enthusiasm, your dedication, enwavering support, i thank you. i thank you for always being there. [ cheering and applause ] >> i thank you for never giving up, and thank you for making this one of the greatest moments of my life. thank you. [ cheering and applause ] >> once again, they can say loudly, we are the giants! we are san francisco! and we are the world champions! [ cheering and applause ] >> everyone join with me. we're going to slow
for the church and for brigham young. joseph smith's murder first and foremost as a struggle for secession for brigham young, an additional 40 or so marriages, the expulsion of the latter day saints, the deaths of hundreds of mormon refugees on the trail west faced testing poverty and hunger. in the fall of 1847 however, there was cause for new optimism. the previous summer, young had led a group of nearly 150 pioneers to the salt lake valley, establishing a sanctuary for his church. that fall, young decided to reconstitute what his church called the first presidency, a church president with two counselors. after joseph smith's murder, the people had chosen the 12 apostles to lead the church in smith's absence. young as the president of the 12 quickly became the de facto president of the church, but after several years, he wanted to clarify and streamline ecclesiastical leadership so after his successful pioneer trek to the great salt lake valley, he asked the other apostles to affirm him as church president. almost all of the other apostles opposed young's proposal, which would augment hi
of early voters as 2010. soohow busy will the polll still be today? jjel d. smith is live at a polling site in cocceysviile with more on thh tiies to avoid lines. - 3 whileeearly voting... was a about.... 55-aryland...../ percenn of people ... vote today... polling sites ... will be open... from... 7 a-m too8 p- m....//// fficials say... to... avoid having... to stand & long lines ...// come... before your lunch houu.....///... the llter it gets, the more people are expected to show up at the pollss alss, to streamline you are going to vote... with questions, senate seats, and ,3 of courseethe presidentiall election... this is a long ballot thii year. 33 "it's all in being prepared on the ballot and if voters ns &pwwold read over that from the sample ballot and be prepared wait."remember in maryland t." voters are noo required to show i-d. all you have to give is our name, address and date of birth. 3 3 coming up next half hour a closer look at somm of the controversial questions n tte ballot that is bound to drive pp turnout.
to steve smith, beating wilson on the play. 19-yard touchdown. smith's first td of the season. panthers led 14-3 at the half. redskins' first possession of the second half. beautiful pass. threads the needle. down to the 15-yard line. led to a field goal. 14-6. 14 minutes to go. panthers at their own 9, newton fakes and goes right side. edwards, huge block, steve smith, finally taken out by griffin. 82-yard gain. three plays later, newton calling his own number. number one. 1 yard touchdown. 4th of the year. 21-6panthers. skins down two. griffin not giving up. rg3 steps up and takes off in more ways than one. ouch. pin balls around by the panthers' defense. finish the job off royster. going to find pay dirt from 2 yards out. too little, too late. redskins fall 21-13. fall to 3-6 as they hit the bye week. >> obviously very disappointed. that's when games give you a chance to play for a playoff spot, when you're 3-5 and less to get in the hunt. lose a game like that, now you're playing to see who obviously is going to be on your football team for years to come. get a chance to evaluate the pl
us now, someone who did. greg smith, author of the new book "why i left goldman sachs," joins us this morning via skype. thanks for coming on the show today. > > thanks for having me. > > you famously submitted your resignation letter in a scathing op-ed piece in the new york times back in march. you talked about how bankers there were ripping off clients, calling them muppets, and were morally bankrupt people. since then there's been a media backlash, with even forbes saying that your story doesn't add up. are you surprised by the negative reaction? > > no, i'm not surprised. i am a little surprised though that the media is not actually asking goldman the hard questions: "are you riping off teachers' pension funds?" "are you selling charities products they don't understand?" and "are you betting against clients?" and the answer to all those questions is yes, and unfortunately there has been an element of character assassination going on. > > other than what you wrote in the book about goldman sachs, what else did you want people to know? i know for one thing, this is a firm that
with information is urged to call gilroy police. lilian kim, abc7 news. >>> quarterback smith will have to go -- smith suffered a concussion in the second quarter of yesterday's game against the rams. he was leveled during one play when he ran with the ball. after that smith dove into the line of scrimmage. coach harbaugh took smith out when he complained of blurred vision. the game ended in a tie in overtime. nfl's first tie since 2008. >>> this morning marks the end of the 12 peak wildfire season in most of the bay area. in the central valley western sides of san joaquin. calfire says so far in year california has been hit by 132 wildfires. >>> we want to check on weather. beautiful weekend. crisp, clear, blue skies. >> one more "c" word i would like to add, cold. >> that too. >>> chilly this morning, 30s and 40s radar returns north of -- up 29, we just had them move through petaluma, pulled away from old adobe, now moving that way no reports this is making it to the ground it is a storm system moving to our north and the storm track is going to be near the north bay today and tomorrow, mor
there like this. kliching. >> holding on. >> latest on smith concussion and what he has to do now to get back on the field. plus the giants target free act to resign one deal now done that's resign one deal now done that's ne >> good evening. alec smith has to go through the new concussion protocol and still cleared to play but the 49ers say he was feeling a lot better today. sounds they were expecting him to be ready next monday night against chicago. smith got rocked in the second quarter on this hit by joe. just watching this makes your head hurt but he says submit started glition about sneak later on the drive. now today linebacker patrick thinks smith will be okay. >> so i saw him after the game he was walking out and asked him if he was all right he said he would be all right i know he will be. he's a tough guy. he will come back stronger sun he left. he's one of our captains and most definitely need him out there. but at sfrirs to make sure he's healthy and go. >>reporter: monday night football. veteran honor before the steeler chief game. actual lead in a game. becaus
. >> tonight it's still unclear. alex smith will be cleared by doctors. smith was knocked out of yesterday's game with a concussion. he stayed in the game for six plays after this blow to his head and threw a touchdown pass while playing with blurred vision. he then left the game this is a growing concern among athletes of all ages. >> very proactive. we do baseline testing with all student athletes that are in a contact sport that when a concussion does happen we are testing them to make sure they get back to their baseline. >> it is not sure what the status will be for next monday night's game. >> expectant mothers who get the flu or a fever during pregnancy may be more likely to have a child with autism. that's the finding of a new study. m mary ann breaks down the research. >> reporter: researchers from denmark analyzed data collected from 97,000 mothers. mothers who had the flu or ran a fever for more than a week had an increased risk of developing autism. it is said that the new research does not offer a specific cause. >> influenza has been around for centuries and that in and of it
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in this broadcast, alex smith, is he going to play monday? we have a good answer. and one of the great swimmers of all-time announces, hey, she's coming to the bay area! but she does it on youtube! >>> san rafael police are searching for a prowler. he entered the apartment of two women's home on the 800-block of playa del rey. he was confronted by the two women. one called the police. the man ran away after being injured. >>> toyota is recalling 2.5 million prius cars worldwidt could result in faulty steering and a water pump problem. the cars could be damaged and might not be able to switch into hybrid mode if they are not fixed. 670,000 of the cars were sold in the u.s. toyota is planning to notify owners by mail next month. and this is toyota's second major recall in as many months. >>> big changes on the horizon. a lot of rain in store over the next seven days! details. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap
. will not give it an attempt at all. coming back, we will talk football. will alex smith play monday night. hear what one teammates says the qb must do before he can get back on the field. the pac 10 title on the line at the rose bowl. could usc take the brown from this a cross town rivals. find out next in sports. >>> welcome back. stanford is thinking upset. cardinals facing the number two team in the country. oregon right now. and in duck territory. tied at 7. 2. 30 in the first half. we'll have complete highlight tonight at 11:00. don't miss it. speaking of close games. number 18. usc. 17, ucla. bruins up 17-0. jonathan franklin, takes 17 yard for the td. bruins up 24-0, like i said this guam was close. usc, wouldn't go away. fourth quarter. down 11. matt barkley. marquise lee. 14-yard td. two point conversion. two point game. ucla. franklin. td. this one, 27 yard. he had 171 yard. and two scores. usc, driving second. and matt barkly. look out. crunched by anthony barr. ucla wins 38-4 to clinch their second. straight pac 12 title. congratulations to the bruins. alex smith. lifted a questiona
. approaching 70 for the holiday weekend, dennis? >>> okay, paul. no alex smith, no problem for the 49ers. the question is now, do we have a quarterback controversy? we'll show you what happened on monday night football next. oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue. kapernick to make his firstl start.. >>> alex smith was ruled out of tonight's game against chicago, paving the way for all of them to make their first nfl start. if they were nervous, then they never showed. already 3-0 san francisco in the first. and he finds vernon davis, 10-0 san francisco. they had six receptions for 83 yards. the second quarter. look at kendall hunter with the eyes of the touchdown, doesn't he? he breaks a couple of tackles from 14 yards out. 17-0. fo
te bears.. . >> alex smith was not clear to play tonight because of his concussion his pain was calling the game against the bears. he was declared unfit by 49er team positions. kaepernick. the pacific sacks exchanged. smith, a beast out there. five and a half sacks of the night. the nfl leader with 14. kaepernick. 243-yards. two touch downs. look at the touch. look at the accuracy. michael crab tree in the end zone. justin continues. no clue what to do. a video review rule add safety. john gruden was calling the smith brothers. 49ers dominate 42 to seven. >> all right denis. monday night football, record night for alden smith. kaepernick completed passes and never looked back. >> i wanted to come out and show that i can be a starter. that's what i've been trying to prove since i've been in the league. >> we'll see. i usually tend to go with the guy with the hot hand. and we've got two quarter backs that have a hot hand. >> collin is the man. the ball that he through me it was just a -- i mean it's one of those balls that you see tom brady throw. >> do we have a quarter bac
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